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Wrapped Rosaries...

See why traditional 'hand-wrapped' Rosaries are so much stronger and prettier than other Rosaries.

Restore your old or broken Rosary...

Restore your old, cherished or broken Rosary beads, have them re-wrapped sterling silver or bronze. Contact us to discuss...

Anglican Rosary Beads

We now have a website dedicated to Anglican Rosaries...

Bronze Rosaries

We have recently designed a beautiful range of bronze wrapped Rosaries.
See full range here

Trade enquiries...

We now have an exclusive range of Rosaries for the trade - read more...

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Beautiful hand-made sterling silver or bronze gemstone Rosary Beads.

We design and build the very highest quality Rosary Beads, Rosary Bracelets, Rosary Necklaces, Christening and First Communion bracelets.

We are the only maker of Rosary Beads in the UK (that we know of) that use traditional ‘hand-wrapping' techniques. For this reason our Rosary Beads are totally unique, they have an uncommon beauty, and are extremely strong and durable.

  • Our Rosaries are ALL hand-made from our workshop in the Scottish Borders
  • With solid sterling silver centres and crucifixes (bronze or argentium silver also available)
  • Made with precious or semi-precious gemstones
  • All parts painstakingly sourced from around the world for standout quality
  • Hardened sterling silver wire, traditionally wrapped by hand (bronze or argentium also available)

Every Rosary is custom-built to order especially for you - click here to look at our selections

More about us...

We are one of a handful of Rosary makers worldwide that still use traditional hand-wrapping methods. Believe it or not each full Rosary uses around 4-metres (or 13 feet) of solid sterling silver wire. which makes our Rosaries not only beautiful, but extremely strong. More about 'hand-wrapping'

We are a small family-run-business, we pride ourselves on producing the very highest quality Heirloom Rosary Beads. We invest lots if time sourcing the best of materials from around the world – only from ethical and renewable sources.


We are so confident of the quality of our wire-wrapped Rosaries that they all carry a lifetime guarantee against breakage as standard.

See how we make our Rosaries

"We know your Rosary is very special; it's not like buying ‘off-the-shelf' jewellery!
This is why each Rosary we make is caringly hand-made to order specially for you"

For Anglican Rosary Beads please see our new dedicated site: